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Scientific Illustrations & Visualisations

A selection of illustrations and 3d visualisations created for scientific/academic publications. Cellular and molecular biology with a sprinkle of particle physics.

Limited edition prints available here.


Virtual Cultures



How Mutant Viral Swarms Spread Disease

Illustrations based on the molecular structure of the Chikungunya Virus for Quanta Magazine.



A new vision for glass

Illustrations for Vol.1 of the Lehigh Research Review depicting the functionality of biomedical glass, a project led by Himanshu Jain.

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Defying Limits

Commissioned by Pentagram for HHMI Bulletin Magazine to create conceptual illustrations based on Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig's work on the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. This microscopy technique provides a highly detailed, three-dimensional, animated view of the microscopic world revealing a ground-breaking picture of complex cellular processes and forms.




The Powers of Ten: Lymphocyte

Celebrating the landmark 1977 Eames film, Powers of Ten™, this animation was part of the The Powers Project which invited 40 innovative artists from around the world to produce original segments for each power of ten using a variety of digital and film techniques. This collaborative homage playfully transplants the film’s journey from the physical universe to a unique, imagined universe of graphic abstractions. Funded by and screened at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In this segment, we see 10 to the power of minus 5. We travel through a capillary into a world of red and white blood cells, to find a lone lymphocyte whose membrane we penetrate to finally reach its porous nucleus.

Chromatin Fibre

Illustration for HSS Rheumatology, New York.



Life's Big Leaps: Critical Moments in Evolution

Long 4-part illustration for Quanta Magazine showing the critical steps in evolution, from the Eukaryotic cell, to multicellular organisms, to eusociality and complex brains.




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