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Made-to-order large format prints are available in limited editions on high quality canvas, paper or transfer on aluminium.
Please email with the name of the artwork, size and medium for prices.

3 sizes available:
180x100cm / 71x39in
150x85cm / 59x33in
120x68cm / 47x27in

Limited special editions of the films are available on Sedition.



Superpositions Series

A series of abstract paintings based on Quantum Fluctuations. Conceptual computer simulations of particle collisions are superimposed to create intricate patterns, expressing the multi-dimensionality and intersectionality of the quantum world alluding to quantum properties such as wave-particle duality, superposition, entanglement and indeterminacy.


Entanglement I


Entanglement II



Superposition I


Indeterminancy I


Indeterminancy II


Permutations I





Fluctuations Series

Made as a series of virtual experiments, Quantum Fluctuations shows the complexity and transient nature of the most fundamental aspect of reality, the quantum world, which is impossible to observe directly. In this work, particle simulations are used as the brush and paint to create abstract moving paintings that visualise the events that happen during a proton collision.


Underlying Event I


Underlying Event II

Collision I


Showers I





Open edition prints are available for purchase at InPrnt.


The Flow

Inner Cell


fig. 27 Biosemiosis


fig.3 Inner Cell


fig.2 Cell Nucleus


fig.31 Atomic Orbital


fig.11 The Atomic Nucleus



Cytoplasmic Playgrounds
















Insect Traps

Insect Trap 37


Insect Trap 46


Beetle 44


Fly 41


Fly 29


Beetle 59









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