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Playgrounds 2012 Opening Titles

Main titles for Playgrounds Festival 2012 directed and designed in collaboration with Gabor Ekes and Jordi Pages. Musical score and sound design was created by Echolab. Referring to the surrealist technique of “exquisite corpse”, each artist created a segment that followed the visuals before it, creating 3 distinct yet connected worlds for the piece.

An international effort that brought people together from different parts of the world, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Hungary and the Netherlands. The artists were given 3 weeks and total creative freedom to create the three minute titles, bringing their own individual styles into the mix. The collaboration all happened remotely, with the artists and musicians exchanging ideas, visuals and files using online sharing tools and video conferencing. The whole creative and collaborative process was highly personal, organic and evolutionary which is directly reflected in the organic yet abstract visuals of the piece.










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Insect Traps

Insect Traps

Insect Traps



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