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Markos R. Kay is a digital artist based in London.

Currently working as a freelance Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator, and University lecturer. He is best known for his artificial life video art experiment “aDiatomea” (2007), now a permanent exhibit at Haeckel's Phyletic Museum. His 3D generative short “The Flow” (2011) has been shown internationally as part of “Resonance” a collaboration of over 30 independent visual artists and sound designers. Markos' films and prints have been exhibited at galleries and design events worldwide.

Coming from a traditional fine art background, he first became fascinated with digital generative art and its intersection with natural sciences during his Masters at Central St. Martins. His work deals with themes of emergence, evolution and complexity. He has industry experience in design having directed idents, ads, branding and graphics for major broadcast, retail and design companies. He has also directed large-scale projection mapping events as well as audiovisual and interactive installations.

Physicists and Biologists interested in collaboration,
please get in touch.

For business enquiries and commissions email: markos.kay@gmail.com


Selected exhibits, screenings, publications:

Biofiction, Vienna 2014
Mist Moving Image, UK 2014
International Urban Screens 2013
Urban art meets local heroes, Munich 2013
Computer Arts Magazine Issue 210 2013
Powers Project, Gates Foundation, Washington 2012-13
Refraction Kopparberg Unestablishment, London 2012
Imagine Science Films, Official Selection, New York 2012
Playgrounds Festival 2012
Stash Magazine Issue 93 2012
Jotta Publication: Issue 1 2012
Screen Social 2012 London
OFFF 2012 Book
Resonance 2011 (International)
Onedotzero 2011 London
OFFF 2011 Barcelona
Cut out Festival 2011 Mexico
Pause Fest 2011 Melbourne
Sonar 2011 Barcelona
Viedram 2011 Rome
Stroke Artfair 2001 Munich/Berlin
Wallace Space 2010 London
Phyletic Museum 2009-present Berlin
MACD 2008 London
We Are Here 2008 London

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